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P.F. 2016

P.F. 2016


IWA 2015 Invitation

Let us invite you to visit our Stand at IWA 2015! The Fair is held since 6. 3. till 9. 3. 2015.


IWA 2014 Invitation

Please find the invitation to the IWA 2014 Fair from the company Alfa Proj.


IWA 2013 Invitation

Our company celebrates the 20th anniversary of its foundation and IWA Fair celebrates ocassionally the 40th anniversary. Let us invite you to visit our Stand. The IWA 2013 Fair is held since 8.3. till 11.3. 2013. We would be very glad to have you there and to present you the best from our production line.


IWA 2012 Fair Invitation

Let us invite you to IWA 2012 Show in Nuremberg, Germany. IWA is held on 9. – 12. 3. 2012.


IWA 2011 Invitation

Let us invite you to IWA Show in Nuremberg, Germany held on 11. – 14. 3. 2011.


NEWS - ALFA 9 mm Rubber revolvers

ALFA 9 mm Rubber revolver has been designed for shooting 9 mm P.A. rubber pistol ammunition. Pistol cartridges are loaded by a clip-holder. The length of the cylinder is optimized for 9 mm Rubber cartridges to assure the best result by shooting. Its chambers allow easy unloading of the empty cases by use of the clip. By using the tubular 9 mm Rubber Loader you can easy load or unload cartridges to or from the clips. The products you can see here (on two pages.)



Let us invite you to IWA Show in Nuremberg, Germany. IWA is held on 12. – 15. 3. 2010. Our company has been producing revolvers, pistols and handcuffs since 1993 and is exporting these worldwide. We shall be exhibiting our products at the IWA Show in Hall 2, Booth 514 and we would be glad to meet you there. We shall be pleased to inform you about whole range of our products and maybe we will start successful cooperation in early future.


IWA Fair 2009 and ALFA - PROJ spol. s r.o.

ALFA – PROJ spol. s r. o. will be present as a tradition at Hunting - Shooting - Optics - Clothing - Knives - Gifts - Security - Law Enforcement IWA OutdoorClassics 2009.
IWA OutdoorClassics 2009 is held on  13. -16. 3. 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany.  We would like to invite you,  business partners and all our friends to our Stand No. 2-514, in Hall 2 at the IWA Exhibition area. We expect to achieve the success presenting our product range of revolvers, floberts, air guns, pistols etc.


Spring 2008 PROMOTION for export partners

We prepared a special A.T.C. PROMOTION for our export partners valid till 30. 4. 2008. 

Firing Spring 2008 starts! 

Take the unique occasion to get the excellent price for an excellent pistol A.T.C. model 5 cal. 6.35 Browning for an exceptional price of only 30,- EUR/Pc EX Works Brno, Czech republic.

Do not hesitate to contact us in this respect!

... or when hesitating, buy it! It will show you it is worth!

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2nd August - 13th August 2021

PF 2021

Merry Christmas and happy new year!