Licensed Ammunition

Licensed Ammunition - 9 mm Luger

Model: 9 mm Luger
Ordering number: 157
Description: the most commonly used service pistol cartridge in the world and the European standard in law enforcement elements. It was developed already in 1902 by DWM Company. It has spread in the world due to the two great wars followed by the post-war “vacuum” in service pistol cartridge development. It has been offered in enormous assortment of versions. From the commercial point of view, it is also the cheapest centre fired cartridge in the market due to the large amounts produced and due to big competition among the manufacturers. That makes the cartridge still popular despite of the fact it has been overcome in service or defence usage. The most frequent versions of the cartridge include full metal jacket bullet of 7.5 g of weight and approximately 500 J of energy. It is suitable for shooting sport and hobby, as well as for defence and service purposes.
Licensed Ammunition - 9 mm Luger
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2nd August - 13th August 2021

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