Licensed Ammunition

Licensed Ammunition - 45 Auto

Model: 45 Auto
Ordering number: 159
Description: a formidable and respectful cartridge marketed already in 1905. The cartridge proved its excellent stopping effect, “natural precision” and low pressure of shot. From the defensive point of view, its hi-tech combat versions attain up to 94% “one shot stop” probability when the attacker is hit in body at the distance of 7 m according to Sandow/Marshall statistics (USA). However, for military purposes it is less able of penetrating and high weight. It keeps popularity among the U.S. civilian users but being replaced with 40S&W cartridge for sport and combat usage in armed elements because of better magazine capacity and less elevation effect of the shot while the stopping effect is equal. It remains the priority choice for shooters who require highly precise self-loading pistol with slow and convenient shot development. Its precision is good in most of the abundant versions available in the market. The most often version contains full jacket bullet of the weight of 14.9 g and energy of a
Licensed Ammunition - 45 Auto
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2nd August - 13th August 2021

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