Licensed Ammunition

Licensed Ammunition - 40 Smith & Wesson

Model: 40 Smith & Wesson
Ordering number: 158
Description: probably the latest service pistol cartridge, overcoming all so far marketed parameters, introduced in 1990. The external diameters allow usage of frames and magazine wells of the pistols like of 9 mm Luger. However, when compared to 9 mm Luger its output is substantially higher, the “natural precision” is better, extraction is more reliable as well as is loading to the cartridge chamber. Energy of the bullet weighing 8.75 g in a pistol barrel 114 mm long reaches 700 J. From the defensive point of view, its hi-tech combat versions attain up to 96% “one shot stop” probability when the attacker is hit in body at the distance of 7 m according to Sandow/Marshall statistics (USA). Thus, it overcomes also the 45 Auto cartridge equalizing 357 Magnum cartridge. Thanks to the precision and power it may be used in most sport disciplines, primarily action shooting, being the favourite cartridge of the modern armament of law enforcing elements and private persons interested in equipment featuring
Licensed Ammunition - 40 Smith & Wesson
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2nd August - 13th August 2021

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