Licensed Ammunition

Licensed Ammunition - 357 Magnum

Model: 357 Magnum
Ordering number: 156
Description: effective service, defence and hunting cartridge introduced in the U.S.A. in 1934. In spite of high muzzle pressure and power the cartridge features excellent precision in most versions in most short arms. Thus it is suitable for shooting sport and hobby at the distance beyond 50 metres. From the defence point of view, its hi-tech combat versions attain up to 96% “one shot stop” probability when the attacker is hit in body at the distance of 7 m according to Sandow/Marshall statistics (USA). The minimum recommended barrel length is around 3” so that cartridge power is used sufficiently. The bullet of the weight of 10.25 g makes energy of up to 800 J in the 4“ barrel. In revolvers with a longer barrel or in our revolver carbine it reaches energy over 1,000 J being therefore used for deer hunting or even black beer in the U.S.A.
Licensed Ammunition - 357 Magnum
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2nd August - 13th August 2021

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