Licensed Ammunition

Licensed Ammunition - 22 Long Rifle

Model: 22 Long Rifle
Ordering number: 152
Description: standard and the most popular cartridge of all rim fire cartridges in the world, maybe the most generally produced and most popular cartridge for civilian purpose. Invented already in 1887. It distinguishes with “natural precision”. It is offered all over the world in uncountable versions differentiated in almost everything that could differ within sticking to the related standards. The most common version is cartridge with greased lead bullet of 2.56g in weight and approximately 140-150 J energy. The cartridge suits most sport purposes including the top performance shooting as the most important feature. It is popular for leisure shooting for low price and still good precision. For hunting purpose it may be used in shooting at small game, primarily vermin. However, we cannot recommend any priority in the cartridge usage. It easily makes lethal injury but the instant effect of hit remains unsure.
Licensed Ammunition - 22 Long Rifle
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2nd August - 13th August 2021

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