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Model: 22 Long Rifle
Ordering number: 152
Description: standard and the most popular cartridge of all rim fire cartridges in the world, maybe the most generally produced and most popular cartridge for civilian purpose. Invented already in 1887. It distinguishes with “natural precision”. It is offered all over the world in uncountable versions differentiated in almost everything that could differ within sticking to the related standards. The most common version is cartridge with greased lead bullet of 2.56g in weight and approximately 140-150 J energy. The cartridge suits most sport purposes including the top performance shooting as the most important feature. It is popular for leisure shooting for low price and still good precision. For hunting purpose it may be used in shooting at small game, primarily vermin. However, we cannot recommend any priority in the cartridge usage. It easily makes lethal injury but the instant effect of hit remains unsure.
Licensed Ammunition - 22 Long Rifle
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Model: 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire
Ordering number: 153
Description: the most powerful rim fire cartridge currently manufactured. In comparison to the 22 Long Rifle cartridge it may attain even three fold higher power with longer barrels. For long arms it reaches energy of up to 400 J with the bullet 2.92g heavy. The bullets are usually of jacket type or thickly plated with metal such as copper. The high velocity of the bullet (up to 600 m/sec) disqualifies pure lead bullets. The cartridge is suitable for shooting sport but mainly for hunting, especially small to medium size vermin. From the defensive point of view, it is more suitable than 22 Long Rifle, which is the reason of making revolvers with replaceable cylinders for shooting 22WMR or 22LR. The user obtains thus a more versatile arm. From the defensive instant effect point of view regarding the priority usage in defence, it still remains in the bottom part of the chart.
Licensed Ammunition - 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire
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Model: 32 Smith & Wesson Long
Ordering number: 154
Description: old (1896) but very precise and still used cartridge with centre firing for both normal and top shooting sport purposes. The ogival lead bullet of the weight 6.5g energy is approximately 220-270 J. Wad Cutter version is still favourite one even for the modern shooting sports. It is a popular choice for the shooter who require precise cartridge and refuse 22 Long Rifle for being so “tiny” while 38 Special they consider wasting of power. From defensive point of view it is the minimum useful cartridge.
Licensed Ammunition - 32 Smith & Wesson Long
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Model: 357 Magnum
Ordering number: 156
Description: effective service, defence and hunting cartridge introduced in the U.S.A. in 1934. In spite of high muzzle pressure and power the cartridge features excellent precision in most versions in most short arms. Thus it is suitable for shooting sport and hobby at the distance beyond 50 metres. From the defence point of view, its hi-tech combat versions attain up to 96% “one shot stop” probability when the attacker is hit in body at the distance of 7 m according to Sandow/Marshall statistics (USA). The minimum recommended barrel length is around 3” so that cartridge power is used sufficiently. The bullet of the weight of 10.25 g makes energy of up to 800 J in the 4“ barrel. In revolvers with a longer barrel or in our revolver carbine it reaches energy over 1,000 J being therefore used for deer hunting or even black beer in the U.S.A.
Licensed Ammunition - 357 Magnum
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Model: 38 Special
Ordering number: 155
Description: a type of the most precise and most popular large bore centre fire cartridges. It is the result of competitors’ fight of similar cal. 38 cartridges, between the companies Smith & Wesson and Colt at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries. It excels with “natural precision” and low pressure of shots. The cartridge offer includes wide range of versions. Though it was originally developed for service purpose, today it is popular in the use for shooting sport and defence.
Licensed Ammunition - 38 Special
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Model: 380 ALFA
Ordering number: 220
Description: non-lethal defensive ammunition of original Czech design. The spherical rubber bullet energy is around 19 J at the distance of 2 metres. The ammunition is intended solely for cal. 380 ALFA revolvers. Hits at short distance inflict very painful paralysing bruises and at the distance 10-20 metres are still very discouraging. Its use is suitable in defensive situations that suppose a less determined attacker and less brutal attack. That happens mostly when the identity and nature of the attacker are known, or for the first warning of ambushed person or night brawlers.
Licensed Ammunition - 380 ALFA
Model: 40 Smith & Wesson
Ordering number: 158
Description: probably the latest service pistol cartridge, overcoming all so far marketed parameters, introduced in 1990. The external diameters allow usage of frames and magazine wells of the pistols like of 9 mm Luger. However, when compared to 9 mm Luger its output is substantially higher, the “natural precision” is better, extraction is more reliable as well as is loading to the cartridge chamber. Energy of the bullet weighing 8.75 g in a pistol barrel 114 mm long reaches 700 J. From the defensive point of view, its hi-tech combat versions attain up to 96% “one shot stop” probability when the attacker is hit in body at the distance of 7 m according to Sandow/Marshall statistics (USA). Thus, it overcomes also the 45 Auto cartridge equalizing 357 Magnum cartridge. Thanks to the precision and power it may be used in most sport disciplines, primarily action shooting, being the favourite cartridge of the modern armament of law enforcing elements and private persons interested in equipment featuring
Licensed Ammunition - 40 Smith & Wesson
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Model: 45 Auto
Ordering number: 159
Description: a formidable and respectful cartridge marketed already in 1905. The cartridge proved its excellent stopping effect, “natural precision” and low pressure of shot. From the defensive point of view, its hi-tech combat versions attain up to 94% “one shot stop” probability when the attacker is hit in body at the distance of 7 m according to Sandow/Marshall statistics (USA). However, for military purposes it is less able of penetrating and high weight. It keeps popularity among the U.S. civilian users but being replaced with 40S&W cartridge for sport and combat usage in armed elements because of better magazine capacity and less elevation effect of the shot while the stopping effect is equal. It remains the priority choice for shooters who require highly precise self-loading pistol with slow and convenient shot development. Its precision is good in most of the abundant versions available in the market. The most often version contains full jacket bullet of the weight of 14.9 g and energy of a
Licensed Ammunition - 45 Auto
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Model: 9 mm Luger
Ordering number: 157
Description: the most commonly used service pistol cartridge in the world and the European standard in law enforcement elements. It was developed already in 1902 by DWM Company. It has spread in the world due to the two great wars followed by the post-war “vacuum” in service pistol cartridge development. It has been offered in enormous assortment of versions. From the commercial point of view, it is also the cheapest centre fired cartridge in the market due to the large amounts produced and due to big competition among the manufacturers. That makes the cartridge still popular despite of the fact it has been overcome in service or defence usage. The most frequent versions of the cartridge include full metal jacket bullet of 7.5 g of weight and approximately 500 J of energy. It is suitable for shooting sport and hobby, as well as for defence and service purposes.
Licensed Ammunition - 9 mm Luger
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