Serie ALFA steel
Revolvers ALFA steel 357 Magnum
The revolvers of cal. 357 Magnum have been designed to comply requirements of demanding users from among the law enforcing corps, private security agencies and citizens who take their safety seriously.
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Revolvers ALFA steel 38 Special, 32 S&W
The ALFA Steel revolvers of the 38 Special and 32 S&W calibres are made for demanding shooting sportsmen or for the users who are most satisfied with traditional precision and low recoil of 38 Special or 32 S&W cartridges.
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Revolvers ALFA steel 22 WMR, 22 LR
High-precision revolvers for maximum delight and pleasure in shooting. The all-steel frame and careful manufacturing guarantee excellent shooting results over a long time.
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Serie ALFA
Revolvers ALFA 38 Special, 32 S&W, 380 ALFA
The ALFA series revolvers of 38 Special and 32 S&W calibres with the light-alloy frame are primarily due to their low weight intended for comfortable all-day wearing and self-defence. Careful selection of materials and design quality offers the ALFA revolver as the economic choice of a high arm for condition shooting.
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Revolvers ALFA 22 WMR, 22 LR
Low weight, efficiency and still long life cycle are the essential characteristic features of the ALFA series revolvers, calibre 22 WMR and 22 LR. Thorough inspection of used materials and precise high strength parts allow successful usage as a sport arm.
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