Revolver carbines and rifles

Series ALFA steel
Revolver carbines and rifles
Reliability, resistance and simple handling of the revolver system in a long gun version. This arm offers a higher output and thanks to the precise barrel three times longer effective range compared to short guns. The revolver system provides for better promptness and readiness of the arm to fire due to primarily the automatic drop safety and double action trigger mechanism. Thus, the hunter obtains six quickly handy and reliable shots without safety restrictions for carrying. Low weight and compact size determine the carbine usage for hunting in dense forest and bush areas that require easily handled weapon under difficult environment. The ideal choice for certain situations such as shot-up game tracking in heavy terrain. Also sport shooters who enjoy charm and classical features of revolver systems will appreciate precision and revolver-identical control together with better accuracy at long range.

model Carbine 357 Magnum

  • model Carbine 357 Magnum
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Revolver carbines and rifles - CarbineOrdering number: 59
CalibreBarrel lengthFirearm lengthWeightCapacitySightVersion
357 Magnum/38 Special12"/306734 mm2290 g6 ranadjustableblued
Revolver carbines and rifles - Carbine
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2nd August - 13th August 2021

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