IWA 2010 - Nuremberg 12. - 15. 3. 2010

Our company took part in well known Fair IWA in Nueremberg in March again. We introduced several novelties added to our product range, with revolver ALFA PARA 9mm Luger as one of the most prominent.  Revolver ALFA PARA 9mm Luger was shown in the classic length and barrel and in the shorter version as well. Revolvers ALFA PARA in both versions could be bought (for citizens of the Czech Republic) on our online shop www.alfa-proj.cz. They are designed for revolver lovers, who prefare the frequent shooting from large calibre but with low costs on ammo. Our participation at IWA was very usccessfull, measured by the quantity of contracts signed for the coming period of time. Pictures here: zde.
IWA 2014 Invitation

Please find the invitation to the IWA 2014 Fair from the company Alfa Proj.

IWA 2013 Invitation

Our company celebrates the 20th anniversary of its foundation and IWA Fair celebrates ocassionally the 40th anniversary. Let us invite you to visit our Stand. The IWA 2013 Fair is held since 8.3. till 11.3. 2013. We would be very glad to have you there and to present you the best from our production line.