IWA 2009 - Nuremberg 13. - 16. 3. 2009

ALFA – PROJ spol. s r. o. , the Czech producer with the widest range of revolvers in Czech republic and Central Europe, took part in the exhibition of sport and hunting guns IWA OutdoorClassics 2009. IWA 2009 was held on 13. -16. 3. 2009 in Nuremberg.


ALFA – PROJ presented 3 interesting novelties besides its complete production range of guns, revolvers.


1/   Revolver ALFA Para 9mm Luger
2/   Revolver ALFA stainless 357 Magnum
3/   Rifle ALFA Air 4.5 mm


Revolver ALFA Para is characteristic by:
- Our technical solution of the revolver ALFA Para makes the shooting with cartridges charged into clips and without them.
- The chamber of ALFA Para is designed in such a way that the shot cartridge falls out thanks to its weight or to take them out easily with minimum resistence. Thanks to it, it is easy to clear the shot cartridges also when shot in emergency without charging clips. 
-  The length of the cylinder of ALFA Para is optimalizes just for the 9 mm Luger cartridge, which serves for the high accuracy of shooting and makes possible the easy use of lead bullets.
- The charging clips of ALFA Para revolver are designed for maximum life time, reliability and resistance against the dust as well.
- Our tool Para Loader enables the comfortable filling of charging clips and easy removing of shot cartridges.

Other production program prezented on the exhibition:  licenced guns and weapons, non-licenced guns and weapons: pistols, revolvers, flobert, gas, air guns, carbines, pažby, grips, stock, forends, etc.


More about our company and our assortment of guns and weapons on www.alfa-proj.cz.



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