IWA 2008 - Nuremberg 14. - 17. 3. 2008

ALFA – PROJ spol. s r. o. present at Hunting - Shooting - Optics - Clothing - Knives - Gifts - Security - Law Enforcement IWA OutdoorClassics 2008. IWA OutdoorClassics 2008 was held on  14. -17. 3. 2008 in Nuremberg, Germany. The Exhibition celebrated a great success. The growth in number of exhibitors and the growth of visitors are the main prooves. 


ALFA – PROJ presented its own product range e.g.: short guns, pistols, revolvers, HOLEK revolvers, floberts, gas pistols and gas revolvers,  CO2 weapons, Air Arms, carbines, grips, foregrips, guns and weapons that proofs ALFA´s leading position among the Czech short arms producers.

ALFA - PROJ spol. s r.o. presented itself as the modern company which offers its products in all ways of business including online sales. It runs own internet shop) selling guns and ammo), which belongs to one of the most successfull shops from the army shops operating on the Czech market (following the Czech Law).

More about the product line on: www.alfa-proj.cz.

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