Revolver carbines and rifles

Series ALFA
Revolver carbines and rifles
ALFA Hunter cal. 6 mm ME Flobert
The models of this series designed to respect the low muzzle energy less than 7,5 J represent serviceability, reliability and simple handling of the revolver system in over the desk long gun version. The design and manufacturing superior quality is at the same level as those of the licensed arms. The light alloy frame contains steel casts and inserts that assure always friction of steel on steel to maintain the minimum wearing. The quality barrel and high strength heat-treated steel parts guarantee maintaining of all operation features of a new weapon. The stock design provides for comfortable aiming with both mechanical and optical sight. The ideal choice for juniors and users who require easily available and still attractive arm for leisure time. The young “snipers” and small domestic rodents will appreciate the version with the optical sight. The optical sight and installation are available as optional accessories.

model ALFA Hunter 6 mm ME-Flobert

  • model Hunter 6mm ME - Flobert

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Revolver carbines and rifles - ALFA HunterOrdering number: 57
CalibreBarrel lengthFirearm lengthWeightCapacitySightVersion
6 mm ME-Flobert short16"/406808 mm1755 g9 ranadjustableblued
Revolver carbines and rifles - ALFA Hunter
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