Revolver carbines and rifles

Series ALFA
Revolver carbines and rifles
ALFA Hunter cal. 22 LR
The models of this series represent serviceability, reliability and simple handling of the revolver system in long gun version. It offers a higher output and thanks to the precise barrel a three times longer effective range compared to short guns. The version with the optical sight shall attract hunters and sport shooters who request sure hit with each shot. The revolver system provides the hunters with better promptness and readiness of the arm to fire due to primarily the automatic drop safety and double action trigger mechanism. Thus, the hunter obtains six quickly handy and reliable shots without safety restrictions for carrying. Low weight and compact size allow to carry the weapon without limiting comfort and tempting to put it aside often resulting in less readiness for instant hunting reactions. The ideal choice for vermin or small game shooting. The sport shooters will appreciate precision and attractive control of revolver system identical to personal small arms. The optical sight and installation are available as optional accessories.
Model is also available in version ALFA Hunter cal. 22 WMR

model ALFA Hunter r. 22 LR

  • model ALFA Hunter cal. 22 LR

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Revolver carbines and rifles - ALFA HunterOrdering number: 58
CalibreBarrel lengthFirearm lengthWeightCapacitySightVersion
22 Long Rifle20"/508935 mm2020 g9 ranadjustableblued
Revolver carbines and rifles - ALFA Hunter
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