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ALFA-PROJ Revolvers win the World Chanpionship !!!

2007 XII. World Police and Fire Games took place in Australia, Adelaide within 11. 3. - 28. 3. 2007. Games were organized by World Police and Fire Games Federation (San Diego - USA). Following sportsmen participated in:

City Police Brno:

sg. Bc. Patricia Svobodova - leader of the gun and fire training

sg. Bc. Petr Svoboda - instructor and gunsmith of the gun and fire training
sg. Stanislav Skypala - instructor of the gun and fire training

str. Bc. Tomas Kana - deputy com. OPU

Police of CZ Strakonice: p. Josef Rendl



Center Fire (CF) - race for 60 shots, out of them 30 shots on the fixed-target (6x5 shots - 5 mins) and 30 shots on the rotary-target (6x5 ran - 3/7 sec.) - distance 25ms

Police Pistol Combat (PPC) - 150 and 60 shots - on 7 - 50 ms - practise shooting style, different shooting posts and positions.


Team consisted of the following sportsmen: Svobodová, Svoboda, Skýpala, Rendl

won the "Gold" medals - 1. place in following disciplines:

- Center Fire

- Police Pistol Combat

+ new record of the Games in Police Pistol Combat race


- 4 individual medals of Svoboda couple

+ extra 2 records on the World Games


Total result of this team participation on the World Games:

12 medals, 3 World Records.


You may ask yourself as the others - what did the winners shoot out the "Gold" with?


Patricia Svobodova - GLOCK 34, gun prepared for the race by company ALFA - PROJ

Josef Rendl - CZ 75 SP01 and ALFA Steel 3863 SPORT cal.38 Special - serial production of ALFA - PROJ

Petr Svoboda - CZ 75 cal. 9 mm Luger, gun prepared for the race by own activity aktivity

Stanislav Skypala - CZ 75 cal. 9 mm, gun prepared for the race by Ceska Zbrojovka

Tomas Kana - CZ 75 cal. 9 mm, gun prepared for race by Ceska Zbrojovka

used ammunition - 9 mm Luger Sellier and Bellot with SP 6,5 g.


Akce/uspech-strelcu05_small Akce/uspech-strelcu06_small Akce/uspech-strelcu03-small
Akce/uspech-strelcu01-small Akce/uspech-strelcu02-small


left upper picture and in teh center: Josef Rendl with revolver ALFA Steel 3863 SPORT cal. .38 Special - serial production of ALFA - PROJ

right picture: Patricia and Petr Svoboda, one of the best shooting couple 

pictures below: Golden Czech Team, Silver and Bronz Teams from Hong Kong

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