Outlet shop

  • Full range of ALFA-PROJ products: revolvers, pistols, carbines, handcuffs, leg-irons - weapons online
  • Wholesale representation and retail selling of the full range of Sellier & Bellot a.s. ammunition
  • Large assortment of short arms, especially GLOCK pistols
  • Wide range of long arms such as TIKKA, Benelli, Hatsan, Fabarm, CZ, IŽ
  • LEE PRECISION INC. re-loading dies sets
  • Quality blank firing and match weapons of UMAREX company
  • Air rifles CZ Slavia, GAMO
  • Muzzle loaders Ardesa and Davide Pedersoli
  • Rich choice of foreign production ammunition
  • Rifle scopes, collimators, binoculars, primarily Meopta,NIGHT FORCE, SGB, Fomei
  • Optical sights assembly
  • Holsters - leather, nylon and transport holsters and cases
  • Arms accessories, tools, targets, I.P.S.C. targets, spare parts
  • Shooter’s eye and ear defenders
  • Self-defending accessories, paralysers, defensive sprays
  • Cleaning and protective tools for the arms
  • Arms cases and safes
  • VICTORINOX knives
  • Consultancy service in small fire arms and ammunition branch
  • Repairs, reworks and adjustment fire of the arms, expertises
  • Import of attractive arms and ammunition from abroad

Our outlet assistants are ready to help with technical advise for your complete satisfaction.

ALFA-PROJ outlet shop
and Sellier & Bellot wholesale representation
Šumavská 15
602 00 Brno

shop manager: Jaroslav Pekařík

Tel. : +420 519 790 997
Fax: +420 516 770 893
E-mail: prodejna@alfa-proj.cz
Opening hours: Mo-Fr 9-12, 13-16,30.

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Zvětšit Zvětšit
PF 2019

Dear customers, thank you for your favor this year and wish you all the best in the new year 2019. ALFA-PROJ Team


Limited edition of 25 pieces of hand-engraved revolvers.